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Euromax Platinum Double Edge Razor Blades
Euromax Platinum Double Edge Razor Blades
Euromax Platinum Double Edge Razor Blades

Euromax Platinum Double Edge Razor Blades

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Each pack contains 5 individually wrapped blades.
  • NEW:- Our newest import, get in early to try these blades direct from us, the UK Distributor. High quality at a lower cost.
  • High Quality:- made from Japanese Steel, and platinum coated for optimum Edge Strength and longer blade life.
  • Plastic free:- we've worked with the manufacturer to eliminate plastic from bo inner and outer packs.
  • Double Edge:- fits all type of Double Edge safety razors, used by professionals and home users alike.
  • Product of Dubai:- Product of Euromax Personal Care group, manufactured in India.
  • Age 18 and over:- by ordering, you are confirming you are over 18.

Please note that only orders of 200 blades are guaranteed outer packaging. In addition, depending on the order and stock levels, we will send you either packs of hanging card or pillar pack.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Very good!

Following the demise of Croma Diamant I had been looking around for a decent alternative, and am finding the Euromax Platinum blades very good indeed. Numbered edges are a plus, especially as it’s possible to get several shaves from one blade. No plastic packaging, although for some reason each blade is double wrapped in wax paper. A good find - am actually liking them more than my previous favourite, and will buy again.

Not the sharpest blade, but very smooth.

For the price, I thought I’d give them a try. Purchased 100 blades for less than £6. Smooth shave, ideal for daily shaving. For the prize, you can’t go wrong.
Purchased another couple of packs of 100 blades for family members, who are fed up with plastic disposable razors.
They both told me, these Euromax blades in a DE razor, are smoother and better than the standard top brand disposable plastic razors.
As I’ve previously mentioned, a great razor blade for a daily shaver. So smooth, they won’t irritate your skin.
Speedy delivery, and very well packaged. Another bonus, always delivered by the Royal Mail.
This company has now become my go to supplier, for all my blades and shaving soaps. Big thanks La Barbiera.

john main
Euromax Blades

1st time I have tried them, they are very smooth and sharp.
I would recommend them

Rob Leonard
Smooth Shave

These blades give me a good smooth shave with no cuts,
I use a 1950's Gillette superspeed razor.

Chris Davies
Euromax blades

Five star, low price and i get at least five shaves out of a blade. I only use these or Wilkinson classic. Top notch blade.

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